Monthly Archives: October 2015

Wake Forest Farmer’s Market

A special request for our wonderful community to have an unofficial “slam” tomorrow for the Wake Forest Farmer’s Market. They are open tomorrow from 8-12 at 405 S. Brooks Street in front of the Renaissance Center. Last week we had some rain and I watched our farmers bring their produce to sell and unfortunately watched them leave with quite a bit of it at the end of the day.

The farmer’s market is open during inclement weather. When it rains, obviously there are less customers. All the vendors have large canopies to protect their customers from the rain, but it stinks getting from the car to the canopy. It’s going to rain this weekend and I know it’s asking a lot, but please consider visiting the market tomorrow.

Our produce and egg vendors are particularly affected. Produce still continues to grow when it rains and it still needs to be harvested. However, unlike a non-perishable item like handmade soap, produce and eggs need to be sold or they go bad. Our farmers have literally been working in the rain to harvest these items and bring fresh local produce to you.

Ronnie Brogden is a Creedmoor farmer who lives about 10 minutes away from me. He probably should be retired, but still he comes to the market every Saturday – always with his hilarious wit. He never misses a Saturday and a few months ago, broke his toe on the way to the market and still showed up, limp and all.

Gabie’s Garden is less than two miles from my home, in Wake Forest. They are a very small family farm. Their son Richie plants and manages all the produce. Richie has three wonderful children who are often at the market to say hello. They are always the first to arrive at market to set up and the last to break down – they work very very hard and I promise you, their produce is far superior to anything you’ll find in the grocery store.

Green Knight Farm is our newest produce vendor and they offer wild-edibles and their newest addition is micro greens! They are passionate about using what grows native to this area.

Here’s our officially availability list. I will not be participating in the market this Saturday, but I will be stopping by to do my grocery shopping and supporting the market.